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History of Mad Dog Motors

Mad Dog Motors opened it's doors in September of 2011 and we enjoy providing excellent and honest service to our community. We would like to extend our warmest regards to everyone in the Winnipeg Region and outlying communities. It is our sincere hope that a number of you wonderful Winnipeggers might decide to utilize our services at one time or another. Some of you might even decide you like our way of doing business and become regular customers.

Please find below a biography of each individual that works here at Mad Dog Motors. We'd like you to get to know more about us so you become more comfortable with whom you might be dealing with if you so choose. Come down to the shop and get to know us better and meet some guys who enjoy an honest days work and the camaraderie that goes along with running and operating a small business.

maddog dave marcel work jpgTo your left are Marcus (left) and Dave (right) hard at work so early in the morning. The photographer showed up for some shots and found them already working and the place hadn't even opened for business. Now that's what one might call hard work, dedication, and determination.

Marcus and Dave have been with Shawn since the doors opened for business last September/11. Marcus actually worked at McNaught Motors for 3 years where he and Shawn met and the rest is history.

So, drop by for a visit, say hello, introduce yourself, and have a friendly chat.


maddog shawn about us jpgShawn Guiboche: Owner/Technician
Born: May 5 1975
Graduated: High School
Graduated: Injectronics Automotive College 1999 as a Technician

Shawn has been working on vehicles since he was 15 years old and grew up in a struggling family so he more or less had to learn about engines to alleviate the added costs of vehicle maintenance and repair.

He worked on broken down engines while in high school then took a few years off and ended up in college and graduated. After graduation he worked at a Husky Station and did his apprenticeship for five and a half years under the guidance of (one of the best), Maurice Desutler. he then moved onto McNaught Motors where he eventually made it as head mechanic and remained with them for six and half years.

So now here I am, proprietor of my own automotive facility. I've had a lifelong love for dogs so figured my new business should have "dog" in the title, thereby the name Mad Dog Motors.

maddog marcel about us jpgMarcus Gooch: AutomotiveTechnician
Born: Dec 2, 1991
Graduated: High School
Graduated: Red River College

Marcus was born and raised in the Municipality of Transcona and has been a Automotive Technician working at well-known automotive shops over a three year period. He also works part-time and has learned the ropes at his family-owned Gooch's Bike Shop located on Portage Avenue. Marcel ended up at McNaught Motors where he met Shawn and a friendship and mutual trust developed.

Marcus has been around cars and trucks long enough to know the ins and outs and the operation, repair. and maintenance of most any vehicle. He received his Automotive Certificate through Red River College and has vast knowledge of the latest cars and trucks found on the market today.

He has an innate ability to get to the source of most mechanical problems we encounter which makes him a valuable asset to Mad Dog Motors. I have found him to be a hardworking individual and has proven himself trustworthy, honest, a loyal employee and one who is never afraid to get his hands dirty.

maddog dave about us jpgDave McPherson: Automotive Technician
Born: Apr 25 1966
Graduated: High School
Graduated: University of Manitoba Bachelor's Degree

Dave has been working around cars and trucks all his life and got his start while living on the Peguis First Nation Reserve. He's learned well while watching his father and uncles working on vehicles in their first automotive shop.

Dave's specialities are; TPMS Sensors, Tires, Brakes, and Exhaust and can pretty much fix anything that comes into the shop. Like Marcel, he too is unafraid to get his hands dirty and just doesn't like standing around, he always needs to be busy with one thing or another.

maddog maddy about us jpgOnce again here is Maddy For all you dog lovers out there with car problems. Come on down for a chat with the guys and meet our ol' friend Maddy. He's such a loveable "guy" and we get along so well with him.... when we're not busy that is.

As things go around here, there is time for work and time for play and we make time for both. After all its not all work, work, work, and we enjoy the good and playful times that happen often here and Maddy makes for such good company and sure knows how to play too.

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